Combating Technological Barrier

Grade 8 students Muna and Manoj in their I.TIt is an accepted fact that these days people totally rely on computer technologies for communication and acquiring information. It is often heard from the gossips of people around that printed materials usage are diminishing everyday due to advancement in information technology through computers. Also, students all around the world are found well equipped with individual laptops, personal computers and advanced gadgets. Even a decade ago, in the context of Nepal, technology had not taken its pace the way we are experiencing now.  On one side, there is a remarkable improvement in information technology, for instance, the students of private boarding school, they are familiarized with English language and computer education right from the early age whereas the situation in government supported schools are not up to the level when compared with each other.

Without any biasness, the situation of education and the use of information technology is same as mentioned above in one of the government supported urban school – Shree Minnath Aadarsha Shikshya Sadan Lower Secondary School in Lalitpur District. But, through ‘Support-A-Child” campaign being initiated by ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness), this situation of school is being facilitated to bring some positive changes. International Volunteer, Ms Anna Waters from England, initiated to create a microproject titled “Provide Six Computers for Nepali School Students” in order to overcome the technological barrier being created between the students and technology. The support being initiated in the school is believed to provide knowledge and skills on information technology education and computer education for the students of grade six, seven and eight. The computer distribution program in the school is going to be organized in 21st November 2014.

We strongly believe that this activity will definitely help the students in order to raise their computer skills and english education in the long run and eventually make them competitive to face any challenges not only in the national level but also in the international level which otherwise would be really very difficult in the world of technology and english speaking environment in today’s context.

Grade 8 students crowded around the two working computers

Article Contributer: Ms. Tanuja Shrestha