ONE SCHOOL ONE HERITAGE – An Initiation towards Heritage Preservation

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In the present context of urbanization and globalization, we are bounded to embrace a bitter truth that our heritage is in deteriorating stage in an alarming rate. Among various reasons, foreign imported cultures are playing an influential role to create a gap in the thinking of the youths in regard the value of our culture and heritages. Hence, in order to sow the importance of heritage in the mind of youth and the community people, ECCA organized a training program on “One School One Heritage” in ECCA Hall on 3-4 November 2014.


Nineteen energetic youths from different educational background, who are also the TGG members had actively participated in the training program. Experts in the field of Heritage Conservation and Youth Facilitation like Mr. Anil Chitrakar and Mr. Niroj Maharjan were invited to facilitate and interact with the participants during this 2 day’s intensive program. History and stories about the heritage, knowledge and skills required for preserving culture and heritage sites along with many informative discussions energized the participants to work towards the preservation of our local heritage.


A field visit starting from Banglamukhi Temple in the second day provided a new perspective towards more practical learning and experience in the topics of heritage conservation and preservation. This field tour also helped the youths in developing their skills required to communicate with the local community as interaction with some of the community members were also organized during this trip.


After an annoying half day field visit in the heritage sites and discussion with the community members, the participants still saved their energy to involve themselves in a group discussion. Keeping the working methodology of ECCA in mind, the participants were divided into various groups and were actively engaged in the discussion and preparation of an action plan on Documentation & Promotion, Visibility, Student Mobilization and Conservation. The action plan prepared the trained youths will be utilized through initiating training and informing school students in order to promote One School One Heritage Program in the schools and the community. In turn, the students will now be working towards conserving and preserving the heritage sites near their school and disseminating the importance and their values.



Heritages are our identity since many years past. It has been passed on to us from our ancestors. Heritages built centuries earlier are under shade due to their negligence. Through this program we expect that these heritages which are neglected will soon get acknowledged, and the efforts made by youths, students and the community will valued in the long run.


Article Contributors: Mr. Angel Chitrakar, Mr. Dipesh Gurung


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