EQ Relief: Filter Distribution

There is no disagreement that Water could be a simplest and easiest medium to get infected or transmission of various viral diseases in the current situation of natural disaster. Hence, use of safe water for various purposes in our day to day life needs to be carefully monitored and precautions need to be taken. Scarcity of water at various locations is seen due to disturbance in water distribution system. Hence, distribution of water various POU Water treatment option like water filter and WATASOL (chlorine solution) has been intensified from ECCA.

Locally Assembled ECCA Filter.

Locally Assembled ECCA Filter.

Till today, in coordination and financial support from various organizations like Nepalese Disaster Relief Association (NDRA) Dallas, Himalayan Crossroads, Nepal Child Club Network and local youth groups, 100 sets of water filters were distributed in various locations of Lalitpur, Kavre, Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchok & Nuwakot.

An orphanage located in Jharuwarashi, Lalitpur, sheltering 62 children were provided 10 sets of filter along with 10 pc of water jar for storing and carrying water. Due to the earthquake, the water storage tank got tampered and water well dried, threatening continuous supply of water of the daily use of children. Through the use of filtered water for drinking purpose, the children are now ensured to have safe water as well as far reach of water borne diseases.

Filters provided to EQ affected families of Nuwakot.

Filters provided to EQ affected families of Nuwakot.

Similarly, 10 sets of filter were distributed to the residents of Nuwakot where families were forced to live in communal shelters due to damage in their houses. In coordination with NCCN, 3 filters were distributed in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, where 65 people were sheltered in tent. “The health condition of people in the tents were not good and they have no access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation. Most of the children started to with getting illness day by day”, Ms. Roni Shakya, one of the volunteers of ECCA and member of NCCN briefed the condition of communal shelter in Bhaktapur. “Distribution of these filters have ensured the availability of safe drinking water to the families living outside in tents”, she further added as she took incharge for the distribution of filter in Bhaktapur. Safe water for drinking purpose in these communal areas became a big challenge which was tackled through installing the filter in the community.

Children using the ECCA WATER FILTER

Children using the ECCA WATER FILTER

In coordination with Himalayan Crossroads, 30 sets of filters were distributed for the EQ affected families in Chokati village of Sindhupalchok District and 40 sets of filters were installed in the community shelter at Kathmandu, where families displaced from Sindhupalchok were rehabilitated.

The water filter that ECCA has been assembling are prepared through using treatment of silver colloidal solution which ensures the purity of water upto 99.99%.

A small child drinking water from the FILTER

A small child drinking water from the FILTER

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By: Angel Chitrakar, Priyanka Ghale & Palistha Shrestha


Creating Hope through Solar Tuki

The Year 2014 had been an incredibly successful for us in terms of bringing HOPE & SMILE in the faces of Children & Students – The Future Youth of Nepal. It is believed that pictures speaks thousands word of expression. Hence, we have tried to put some pictures in the form of movie as a story of Glauthok VDC, Chitwan District, Nepal. Hope you all will enjoy this 2 minutes and 57 seconds presentation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i1TtQXMnMM We express our Gratitude towards all our well wishers and supporters for helping us and making a difference. You can support us promoting our Light For All Campaign through GlobalGiving. Please share the link in your networks and help us spread our work. Do follow us in our Facebook Page, twitter and subscribe our Youtube Channel for more updates.

Computer Education – On The Move

21st November 2014 (Friday) was the day on which 3 sets of desktop computers were successfully installed in the computer lab. Accompanied by 2 old desktop computers at Shree Minnath Adarsha Shikya Sadan Lower Secondary School, the mini lab now have 5 fully operational desktop computers to be used for educational purpose by the students. 52 students from grade 6 to 8 will now have computer education with practical knowledge of information technology through first hand experience.

The Newly Setup Computer Lab at Shree Minnath Adarsha Shikya Sadan LSS.

The Newly Setup Computer Lab at Shree Minnath Adarsha Shikya Sadan LSS.

As a part of Support A Child Campaign, the computers were handed over to the school through organizing a function inviting members from school management committee, teachers, students and local guardians. The guest and attendees along with the teachers and school management committee thanked ECCA and all the supporters of this program for running this campaign and also expressed their hope for its continuity in coming days ahead.

“We are really excited to have new computers in our school. This will help us know more about the world, English education and makes us competitive. Now we hope that we will get to learn computers in a better way than before” – shares a student of grade – 7. “In addition, this will certainly improve our compulsion of sharing one computer by five to eight students like earlier days, which was a real obstacle for our proper computer learning class”.

Miss Nanu – computer teacher expressed “I believe necessity of better infrastructure of computers is solved towards the smooth operation of computer classes and will help students to pursue better computer education which was otherwise very difficult with only two well-conditioned computers in school”. She further adds the necessity of well-trained computer trainer in the future for the school as she admits the growing interest and the skills of the students towards computer education in a very dramatic way compared to the past.

Trying to learn Typing

Trying to learn Typing

The activities and the interests shown by the students are always reported to be remarkable indeed, as also shared by Miss Anna, an international volunteer, with her experience of teaching English language to the same students in the past days. She had also been very happy to see the everlasting hope and enthusiasm in the eyes and deeds of these students’ through which everybody gains the feeling that these students need eternal support. This gives us a chance to recognize that the children, within their learning period are most of the time, which simply have not had the right supporters around them-because of circumstances beyond their control. For this, this campaign of ‘Support a Child-Help Child go to school and study’ run by ECCA has given them a milestone support and love to these learning students.

We would like to acknowledge all our donors through Global Giving and supporters for helping us in our initiation to bring some changes in the future of children in Nepal. Glimpses of the program activities could be viewed in the album placed in Facebook. Do subscribe our blog post, facebook page and twitter to get yourself updated in our activities. We look forward towards your support in our campaign Support A child.

Combating Technological Barrier

Grade 8 students Muna and Manoj in their I.TIt is an accepted fact that these days people totally rely on computer technologies for communication and acquiring information. It is often heard from the gossips of people around that printed materials usage are diminishing everyday due to advancement in information technology through computers. Also, students all around the world are found well equipped with individual laptops, personal computers and advanced gadgets. Even a decade ago, in the context of Nepal, technology had not taken its pace the way we are experiencing now.  On one side, there is a remarkable improvement in information technology, for instance, the students of private boarding school, they are familiarized with English language and computer education right from the early age whereas the situation in government supported schools are not up to the level when compared with each other.

Without any biasness, the situation of education and the use of information technology is same as mentioned above in one of the government supported urban school – Shree Minnath Aadarsha Shikshya Sadan Lower Secondary School in Lalitpur District. But, through ‘Support-A-Child” campaign being initiated by ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness), this situation of school is being facilitated to bring some positive changes. International Volunteer, Ms Anna Waters from England, initiated to create a microproject titled “Provide Six Computers for Nepali School Students” in order to overcome the technological barrier being created between the students and technology. The support being initiated in the school is believed to provide knowledge and skills on information technology education and computer education for the students of grade six, seven and eight. The computer distribution program in the school is going to be organized in 21st November 2014.

We strongly believe that this activity will definitely help the students in order to raise their computer skills and english education in the long run and eventually make them competitive to face any challenges not only in the national level but also in the international level which otherwise would be really very difficult in the world of technology and english speaking environment in today’s context.

Grade 8 students crowded around the two working computers

Article Contributer: Ms. Tanuja Shrestha

Donation Plans for International Youth Day

As part of our celebration of International Youth Day on August 12th, ECCA will be making some special donations to support visually impaired studying at Namuna Machhindra Higher Secondary School in Lalitpur.


Students at Namuna Machhindra Higher Secondary School

The school is struggling to find the necessary funds to provide specialist paper for the thirty five blind and partially sighted students at this school, to allow them to write in Braille. ECCA plans to support the school by providing sufficient writing material for each of these students. This will help the students to participate fully in their classes and fully benefit from their education.

Students taking classes

Students taking classes

If you would like find out more about ECCA’s work in supporting children’s education in Nepal, please click here to read about our Support a Child campaign.

Supporting Children to Learn English- An International Volunteer’s Experience

English volunteer Anna Waters has been working with ECCA over the past four months. As part of ECCA’s ‘Support A Child’ campaign, she has been giving English language classes to students from Shree Minnath Aadarsha Lower Secondary School, a government-funded school in Lalitpur. She has also been involved in creating a fundraising project through GlobalGiving to provide computers for the students at this school.


English volunteer Anna Waters

“I have really enjoyed giving English classes here,” she says. “As a qualified teacher, I am used to teaching English as a second language to students of all ages and abilities, but it’s been a very different experience from giving lessons in Europe. Here in Nepal, the students are really interested and motivated to learn English, and they are keen to make the most of the classes.

Hard-working Grade 7 students have been taking English classes with Anna twice a week

Hard-working Grade 7 students have been taking English classes with Anna twice a week

The lessons I give focus on interaction, so that students can practise speaking, which is one of the most important things about learning a language. We also play educational games to help them memorise the new vocabulary and to have some fun in the classroom!


Classes encourage students to interact together. Grade 7 students Dipendra and Anita are carrying out a class survey

For me, teaching is very rewarding as I can see the students making progress each week. I enjoy the challenge of thinking of creative ways of making the lessons fun and educational, and it always makes me happy to see the students enjoying their classes. They have made a lot of progress in a short space of time. I hope that they will remember what they have learnt and will continue to study English in the future!”

Students working together to practise speaking in English

Students working together to practise speaking in English

Anna has also been involved in creating a fundraising campaign to provide computers for the students at this school. She hopes that this will help the students to learn the I.T. skills which they need in future. “At the school, the students are really struggling to learn computer skills due to the lack of computers available”, she explains. “It would be wonderful if we can raise the necessary funds to support their education”.


Grade 8 students Muna and Manoj have also been studying English with Anna. Here they are learning how to use computer programs.

To support Anna’s campaign to provide computers for this school, please visit our GlobalGiving page.