Jwagal, Kupondol, Lalitpur

Bio: ECCA has been a leading organization in the sector of social mobilization and community development. It implements various programmes so as to raise the quality of life through wise-use of available local resources. Mission ECCA will be a Model Professional Volunteer Organization (PVO) dedicated towards natural resources management, ECCA will organize programmes so as to secure children's sound ecological future, ECCA will support the development of conservation related entrepreneurship. Description ECCA was established in 1987 as a non profit, non political, non government organization. ECCA is registered with CDO office, Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. ECCA Constitution enables trained members to vote for a policy making body of 11 members. ECCA now has a network of over 4,000 trained manpower in 46 districts of Nepal and few places of Bhutan and India. ECCA established an Environmental Resource Centre (ERC) in Bhaktapur in 1992. ECCA pioneered the concept of children nature club (in Nepal) in 1992. ECCA was the first NGO to establish a paper-recycling unit (named Pap Again) in 1994 with the objective of producing recycled paper from the waste paper collected from office, schools, press, etc. ECCA Head Office was shifted to its newly constructed building in Kopundol, Lalitpur on March 14, 2004 (Chaitra 1, 2060).

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