GLOBE Learning Expedition to Lake City Pokhara, Nepal


GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Learning Expedition was conducted from October 2 to 8, 2018 at various places of Nepal. GLOBE Asia Pacific Regional Coordination Office and Indian Environmental Society conducted the program in association with ECCA, which has been working to implement GLOBE program in Nepal. Coordination was done by Mr. Yogendra Chitrakar, GLOBE Country Coordinator for Nepal cum  Executive Director of ECCA and Dr. Desh Bandhu, Coordinator of GLOBE Asia Pacific Regional Coordination Office and Indian Environmental Society.

The program started from virtual welcome speech of The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) Executive Director Dr. Tony Murphy. The main objective of the program was to create a platform for exchanging learning and experience related to the GLOBE program along with cultural exchange. The expedition welcomed 44 participants from 5 countries (7 from Oman, 15 from Taiwan, 8 from Thailand, 6 from Nepal and 8 from India). Students, Teachers, and GLOBE teachers received an opportunity to conduct GLOBE protocols together in Pokhara, the City of Lakes.

Major Activities of the expedition included hydrological protocol, Mosquito Habitat protocol , as well as soil study by participants at Phewa Lake and also the cloud cover observation in World Peace (White Gumba), and they also visited Davis falls. The team of ECCA and Indian Environment Society facilitated the protocols learning.

Prof. Dr. Hameed Sulaiman Lebbai, GLOBE Science Working Group member gave the presentation on why GLOBE program data is important and how the data can be utilized. He talked about the different protocols of GLOBE, its use, measurement, and importance in human life.

“I really liked the hospitality of Nepal along with sharing of our GLOBE related knowledge”, said  PINBANGON SUPANTAWEE, a student from Thailand.

“It`s my first time to participate in this GLOBE program. From here I learnt many more things about GLOBE Protocols and now I feel like I have many years experiences about how to observe globe protocols. So I am really thankful towards GLOBE and Nepal,” said MARIAM HANAN a student from Oman.

“When I do GLOBE protocols in Taiwan, I was quite confused but when I did same protocols in Nepal, I have more confidence. I really enjoyed the company of you all”said CHAN, YU-CHEN, a student from Taiwan.

“I really enjoyed the company of Nepal and other countries as well. I learnt different ways to observe different protocols of GLOBE program and I was also able to know the benefits of GLOBE protocols towards environment and our general life.  I learnt how to observe mosquito habitat mapper – it was new for us, but now I am clear about this protocol” said SURYATEJA VANAMA a student from India.

This expedition encouraged us to do GLOBE program regularly in our school. We get chance to learn many ideas from different countries and how they are working. We  will also teach this to our friends and juniors. We are really thankful to you all for giving us the chance to participate here,” said BIPLAB and PRASHANT, students from Nepal.

On October 7, 2018, the team visited ICIMOD Biodiversity Knowledge Park to gain an idea on  organic farming, standard Biodiversity of Nepal, different environmental technologies and use of scientific advancements for analyzing and conserving Hindu Kush Himalayan Region (HKH Region). Next visit was to Crescent Academy School, where the students welcomed the team by Nepali culture and interaction was held about the scenario of GLOBE program in the respective countries. Thereafter, the team visited Swayambhu stupa, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu.

The program was ended at Grand Hotel with the certificate distribution, personal experience sharing and  gift exchanging.

observing transparency at fewa lake-mmeasurement of hydrological protocal-mData Entry of Cloud Protocal-m

students are involving to observing the data entry in mosquito habitat-mIdentification of Larva-m

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