The Generation Green and My THAT Hour

TGG Mentor and Mentee Interaction Program

TGG Mentor and Mentee Interaction Program

WWF, Nepal in the collaboration with its associate partners, namely ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness), SENSE Nepal, Youth Alliance for Environment and Green Youth of Lumbini announced the long awaited “mentorship” program under “The Generation Green Campaign”. Mentors and Mentees were the profound character of the program. The mentees were the youth of aged 16-26 of various academic background from different regions of Nepal whereas the mentors were the most celebrated professional figures in the field of banking, media, art and music, environment, etc. Superstar Rajesh Hamal, former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba, Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal Mr. Leela Mani Poudyal, coordinator of Hariyo Ban Program Dr. Shant Raj Jnawali, CEO of Mega Bank Anil Shah and others are to name few. The core concept of such integration was to enhance the conservation regime of Nepal with unison, thus ensuring that no loophole occurs in between various structural activities brought up for conservation in various parts of Nepal.

As the name itself suggests “The Generation Green”, this six long months mentorship program will grant an once in a life time opportunity for the mentees to be under the shade of these experts who have left no stone unturned in their respective significant field. 7-8 mentees being in average under each mentor during the mentorship period will be made familiar with the proficiency of respective mentors with an aim to develop a leadership amidst youths.

The inauguration of program was done with the official press conference at the venue of Kings Way, City Museum. The cozy room with the unique portrait frame being displayed and dazzling limelight was pleasant enough to forget the incessant rainy and extensively gloomy day of the Kathmandu valley.

I, being one of the mentee under the mentorship of Dr. Shanta Raj Jnawali would really like to appreciate the all the background efforts taken by all the organizations and its active members. Personally, my heartfelt thanks goes to WWF, The Generation Green Campaign, ECCA and other partner organization who brought us a chance to be a part of this Mentorship Program.

The interaction program in between the respective mentors and mentees were facilitated in the cubical room. Accordingly, I was blessed enough to stand next to the Dr. Shanta Raj Jnawali. His gentle attitude, soothing personality and laconic speech was enough for us to accept him as real conservationist. His appearance full of enthusiasm and his success story he shared was what motivated us even more.

Well, this was the very first day and still with the remaining 5 months and 29 days the interaction program adjourned with a word to gather again soon. This was “My that hour”.


Contributor: Mr. Ang Sherpa (is a member of TGG and is being mentored by Dr. Shanta Raj Jnawali).



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