Child Club into Beneficial Cardamom Farming

I think what we have been doing here is unique. To initiate anything is a hard job, but it isn’t impossible either.”- Prem Tamang, student

From women to children, ECCA has always been supporting each person as well as each school and community within its reach to utilize available local resources for common benefit. Instead of letting a fertile land inside the school arena go to waste, the child club of Shree Bag Bhairav Higher Secondary School of Chaughare-8, Lalitpur, Nepal decided to start Cardamom farming 3 years ago with the support of ECCA.


Cardamom Farming Area of Shree Bagbhairav Child Club, Chaughare-8, Nepal

“I saw my senior brothers and sisters initiate Cardamom with ECCA farming three years ago. I was motivated. Now that I am a club member myself, I feel very proud and responsible as well towards encouraging younger fellows to work for meaningful ideas”, shared Bijay Tamang, a class nine student.


Cultivated Cardamom plants

The saplings that the club planted have now grown to be mature healthy plants. The club informed that the cardamom seeds are now almost ready to be extracted from raw plants. Cheers to all the hard work!

  • Upama Tamla (Rai), ECCA

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