We need to be closer to nature; Youths speak during Climate Learning venture

Humans have an inseparable tie with nature- and science of course. And while the world is facing all sorts of environmental challenges, there are no restrictive lines that provide ‘making-a-difference’ licenses only to those studying environment related subjects. Especially in today’s generation where each conscious person is getting inclined towards environment protection activities, learning opportunities should and are being offered for all.

“I have come here today so that I can learn new things”, said Palistha  Sikhakar, a 20 year old college student while participating in Training For Youths on GLOBE Climate Learning conducted by ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) on January 25, 2016. The training, which was based on GLOBE protocol and was previously initiated by GLOBE international, held a prime objective of enabling young participants to estimate various physical, biological and chemical parameters of a locality as a result to upgrade their interest in #scienceasculture.

IMG_5511 copy

Facilitator Dipesh Gurung elaborates on measurement of maximum/minimum temperature


IMG_5582 copy

Practical on hydrology (turbidity viewing)

IMG_5570 copy - Copy

Hydrology practical takes place on the banks of Bagmati river

While facilitator Mr. Dipesh Gurung made the sessions livelier by each second, the participants got more familiar with aspects related to water, atmosphere and biodiversity. Theoretical and practical activities on PH, transparency, electrical conductivity and temperature measurement of water was carried out on the banks of Bagmati river. Another phase included cloud cover readings and atmospheric temperature measurement (maximum and minimum) with the help of maxima minima thermometer and cloud charts. Along with this, participants got a chance to practically know about landcover investigation and tree canopy including DBH(Diameter at Breast Height).

The participants at the end of the day were enthusiastic to learn even more. “I found this training highly useful even for my academics”, said Aruna Puri, an undergraduate student of Environmental Science.

“This kind of program along with amplifying one’s knowledge in scientific aspects also helps to get an idea of his/her surrounding locality and the kind of impacts made by various agents.”

IMG_5608 copy

Trainees mark area for landcover investigation

ECCA Nepal prioritizes youth involvement while making efforts in any developmental activity of community such as this. The trainees will pass on their learning to young students of different schools in eastern Nepal as a part of school improvement program of ECCA which is supported by  partner organization Taksvärkki ry.

-Upama Tamla (Rai), Media Associate, ECCA


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