From Switzerland To Nepal

“This was my second stay in Nepal and the fact that I also had the same jacket everyday probably had people noticing me but never mind!

IMG_7990 copy

Bertrand in lab during work hours

My first stay in Nepal was during my holidays few years back. Trekking in Langtang Valley, yaks and camping were a treat for me. This time even if I didn’t get any chance to see white mountains during the two months that I spent here in ECCA(Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness), I had the occasion to meet wonderful people and had a very interesting job.  It was a great pleasure to work with each of you and the food was thousand times better than in Langtang! . Plus I also had a chance to explore the culture especially of Kathmandu valley which is so different from ours. It would be fair to say that no moment could be better than people of different places following different traditions being enveloped by common interest and respect.

I had a very good time here. Thank you to everyone and I hope I could help somehow!”


Executive director Mr. Yogendra Chitrakar (left) provided a souvenir to Bertrand

-Bertrand Wüthrich, engineer from Antenna Technologies Foundation who worked in ECCA for upgrading of lab from late October-December 11, 2015.