Earth Bag Retaining Wall in Binayak Bal School

11 m high slope in the school premise of Binayak Bal Lower Secondary School, Badal Gaun, Kavre was a huge risk for landslide along with being a reason for frequent accidents. Especially during monsoon season, the risk of landslide used to maximize threatening the safety of students. But that is about to change. If a preventive measure can be adopted why not take an action for it? The risky geographical landmark is now being changed into a product of bioengineering that is both quick, reliable and offers a bigger range of safety for students. The wall construction is being constructed by ECCA(Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) with the support of GNHA e.V. (German Nepalese Help Association).


Instead of using concrete cements, bricks and regular construction materials, earth bags are made with fillings of available inorganic materials basically soil and then sealed with Aluminium or plastic thread. After developing a foundation with a layering of aggregates, the earth bags are laid consequently in a pattern similar to bricklaying. All the bags are compacted well. To provide frictional stability for layers of earth bags, use of Galvanized Iron barbed wires, buttresses and steel reinforcements is made at measured length interval. So overall the wall is a systematized stack of soil filled sacks with good stability.

The wall construction began on since Jan 4, 2016 and is already in 90% completion phase. “Not only is this kind of wall cost-effective and easy to built, it provides impressive retaining power”, said Raja Babu Dangol, engineer from ECCA while monitoring the construction site.

The wall along with assuring safety will act as a eco-friendly region in Binayak Bal Lower Secondary School. Possible forms of plantation(from bioengineering view) will be done in between each column of earth bags that will provide usefulness as well as more solidity for the wall.

-Upama Tamla Rai, ECCA