The Joy in Recycling!

  • Upama Tamla Rai, ECCA Counselor

“Come on! Please do not tilt the frame that way!”  “Woah!”   “Can I try it first?!”

Loud voices of the participants filled the silent playground of the training premises. One could see the excitement in the participants as they hovered around in circle, hoping to get the next chance of using the paper recycling frame. Despite the hot weather and endless perspiration, our session on recycling paper got interesting by the minute.

“The process of paper recycling seems so simple and cost-effective!” shared a participant while dipping the frame into the wide bucket filled with paper pulp made from waste papers. Recycling frames are used to shape fine papers as it collects the pulp and drips excess water. “Children in our area have lots of waste paper at home and also at school. We can make these types of frames locally and orient them on paper recycling”, exclaimed a youth participant as she took the frame to dry in the sun.

This interest and excitement in fact is a regular feedback from participants in almost every training. As part of our capacity building activities for local youth (Counselor Training Camp), WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) is an unexpendable subject matter of which sanitation takes a major part. The session aims to link sanitation with healthy behavior and moreover, as an initiation to ‘take care of the planet sustainably’. In this regard, youth and children are motivated to start recycling of the waste papers in their schools and community.

The whole process of paper recycling takes about 3-4 days depending on the type of paper used. After the papers are made, one can use them for a variety of purpose such as “Thank You” and greeting card. Especially, ECCA suggests nature clubs in schools to carry paper recycling as part of fundraising activity and also supports the clubs with recycling frames from time to time. This has created a reason for nature clubs to conduct other environment conservation related programs and hopefully, that will also encourage them to be environmental conservationists in the future.

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