Magical Music @ Rapti Municipality Ward 13, Chitwan

Sajan Maharjan / Photo Credit: Upama Tamla Rai

It is obvious every one of us wishes to have a luxurious life to some extent. People have been influenced by the modern transformation in the socio-cultural, economic, technological aspect. However, we might not know there are some groups of individuals or communities to whom luxury is just a fantasy. They have created their own status of luxury. Wearing slippers is a luxury for the kids living there, having a gas stove is a luxury for them, having a single bulb to light their house is luxury for them, having the ability to have tea every day is luxury.

Yes, they do exist, far from the truth of modern transformation, far from modern medical innovation and, of course, far from technological exploration. Rapti Municipality Ward No.13 is one of the representative communities where luxury is near to myth.

Journey to Rapti Municipality ward 13, Chitwan was my first experience of traveling outside the Kathmandu valley, and it was with the ECCA team.  After the trip, I realized that happiness is not just related with luxury because there is almost negligible luxury in the villages I visited. Still I could see the gloss in the people everywhere in that community.

The students were really amazing and the Nepali songs “Galbandi Chatiyo…….”, “Hawa Chiso Chiso…….” sung with the maadal and baasure (flute) by the students of Kandeshwori Basic School with their own lyric were nostalgic. “Hajur Haru Kaa Dekhe Aunu Bho, Hamro Lage Kya Dukha Paunu Bho, Hawa Chiso Chiso…….” (“you came from far away, you suffered so much for us, …”) was one of the lines they sang, which was really touching and emotional. Also, the way the students count numbers in mathematics with rhythm sounds really good. The children who rarely see television, who are unaware of any kind of digital platform (like Youtube, Netflix, etc.) are so good at singing. We can just imagine what magic they might create if they get the opportunity to learn music!!! Music is just a single wonder that we got an opportunity to feel, who knows there might be more hidden magicians behind those innocent faces. I really wish, they would get more platform to explore their interest, which will help them and their community to grow.

Students practicing 1, 2, 3, 4,…………100 at Kandeshwori Basic School, Kanda

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