Warm Clothes and School Bags Support in Chitwan, Nepal

Upama Tamla (Rai)

Winter is harsh. For people living in higher altitude based hilly areas of Chitwan, it means less food on the table and more struggle to feed the livestock. Most parents need to spend hours in search for fodder and children also often help them in the matter. Handful of people go to markets far away from their villages to buy household necessities and warm clothes. But for the rest, they cannot afford to do so, let alone send their children to school with warm clothes and footwear.

Realizing this issue, ECCA conducted Warm Clothes and School Bags Support Program in coordination with Son of Light and Rotary Club of Himalaya Patan on December 9, 2020. Total of 566 tracksuits and 699 school bags were distributed to 8 schools of Rapti Municipality, Chitwan. Benefitted students were from:

  1. Haatisude Basic School, Gundi
  2. Santhali Basic School, Sarling
  3. Tikashwori Basic School, Cheuding
  4. Dhungbang Basic School, Syamrang
  5. Rastriya Basic School, Waswang
  6. Rastriya Basic School, Kalitar
  7. Kandeswori Basic School, Kanda
  8. Rastriya Basic School, Harrabisauna

The distribution program brought smiles among both students and teachers.

“We are very thankful for the support”, expressed one of the school principals during the distribution program. “Most of our students have been wearing just school shirt and skirt / pant even in this cold weather. So, this is a meaningful support and a form of encouragement for them to attend school regularly.”

Students were eager to put on their new tracksuits and their enthusiasm was worth to watch. When asked if they liked the tracksuits and school bags, most nodded shyly with a “yes”. It was wonderful to watch students come to school the next day, with their warm tracksuits on and without having to carry their books in their hand. ECCA expresses sincere thanks to the supporting organizations. We sincerely hope this support program encourage students to attend school regularly.

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