Experiences of Paul

From the Antenna Foundation as a Business Development, Paul Duperrex was in ECCA from July to October 2018. He was closing the Safe Water Program and helped to develop new projects between Antenna and ECCA.

“It was my first time in Nepal, and luckily for me, starting to work with ECCA was really easy and nice. All the colleagues from ECCA gives me a warm welcome and I was immediately integrated to the team.”

Paul was happy to discover the well organization in ECCA. “Everybody has a role to play and the people know what to do. Also I was surprised by the structure of the project in itself.”

The leitmotiv of ECCA is really relevant to understand how they work:

“If you are planning for a year, plant rice,

If you are planning for 10 years, plant tree,

If you are planning for 100 years, educate your children.”

In his first weeks in Nepal, Paul had the opportunity to travel with the ECCA’s team to the district of Dolakha. “It was a wonderful start to know the culture and be familiar with it. Also I had the opportunity to know better the team and it was helpful for my work afterwards.”

In this trip, Paul visited the schools in the area and interviewed the principals.

Afterwards, back in Kathmandu, Paul continued his visit in the schools in the district of Lalitpur in the south of the capital.

All these visits allowed him to complete reports for SDC and to report the progress done to Antenna.

Also, a need of garden has been identified in the schools. All the principals of the schools wanted to develop or create a garden in their School. Fortunately, Antenna had a new department in Agro-Ecology. Thus, ECCA and Antenna are working to create a project on garden in schools.

Other than this, Paul worked with ECCA to improve the communication through their website and provided ways to do fundraising.

Finally, ECCA and Paul worked on a way to present the impact of the school program based on the surveys done in the schools. In few words, ECCA will soon have a presentation available to everyone that shows the progress of the school program and the impact of the program on the behavior of the population.

Concerning the communication, Paul organized a photo shooting in some schools, during door-to-door program, and in the lab of ECCA.

The purpose was to provide good and quality pictures to ECCA and to Antenna for their communication. “Apart from the job, it was a nice activity to do. We always had a lot of fun with the students, and Manisha from ECCA is a nice girl, so I was very happy to do it !”.

The Nepal visit was a life changing experience for Paul. “It opens your eyes on the rest of the world. Also, Nepalese are extremely friendly and generous. Everybody tells me that once you have been in Nepal, you will come back. I think I will make no exception on this.

Therefore, I want to say to ECCA: See you soon!”

Paul in dolakhaPaul in labPaul interacting with nature club


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