31st ECCA Day Celebration

Happy ECCA Day.

Today, July 21, 2018, ECCA celebrated the completion of 31 years.

Congratulations to All.IMG_20180721_161647IMG_20180721_164244IMG_20180721_142333IMG_20180721_154107IMG_20180721_15471637100488_1384482964987631_7256072244131004416_n37132278_1384483684987559_1607163301735694336_n

ECCA family is thankful towards Government of Nepal, local government bodies, communities, schools, all international and national agencies, resource persons, volunteers, counselors, staffs and all the well wishers for the support it has been receiving.

Congratulations to Mr. Sujan Rajbahak for becoming “Counselor of the Year 2018” and other nine “Top Counselor of the Year 2018”.


4 thoughts on “31st ECCA Day Celebration

  1. Fanny Boulloud says:

    Congratulation ECCA team! What a beautiful set of photos: I can imagine the day!
    Take care and all the best for future! Fanny

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