Stationery materials distribution

Stationery Kit distribution took place in June 2018 for 519 students of five schools of ward number 1 (Bhirkot village), Tamakoshi Rural Municipality, Dolakha. This area was badly damaged during the April 2015 Nepal earthquake.

The students were from ECD (Early Childhood Development) class to grade 12 of the following five schools:

  1. Narayani Secondary School
  2. Ganesh Basic School
  3. Bhimeshwor Basic School
  4. Indrawati Primary School
  5. Budhichandika Primary School

The stationery kit included school bag, copy, pen, dot pen, eraser, sharpener, geometric box (only for students from Grade 7 to 12) and calculator (only for students from Grade 9 to 12).

The supported stationery materials helped the students and their families, as their families are still struggling financially to rebuild their damaged houses. The provided materials were also a motivation factor for the parents to send their children to school. They were relieved and glad that they now do not require to spend their money to buy stationery materials for their children.

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