Use of Tulip Siphon filter: A step towards safe drinking water

IMG_1278IMG_20180504_080037Jajarkot, a hilly district located in Mid-western region in Province-6, is considered to be a remote district having very limited access to electricity, telephone and other basic facilities. The road facilities are only up to the district headquarter.

Due to lack of knowledge about domestic water purification techniques, various water borne diseases (like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid) are widely seen in the village leading to death of people in the past. Only 50% people have access to piped water nearby their houses, and the villagers have been suffering every year due to the lack of safe drinking water and good sanitation practices.

ECCA provided Tulip syphon filter (manufactured by Basic Water Needs, Netherlands to the local residents. This water filter is fitted with Tulip ceramic candle, which is treated with nano-silver, contains activated carbon and has lifespan up to 7,000 liters. This candle purifies the water of bacteria, parasites and turbidity. This candle removes bacteria 99.995%, turbidity 99%, protozoa 99%. The use of such water filter will help to reduce the water borne diseases.

Shrijana Singh, one of the beneficiaries, shared “whenever we have an epidemic in village, government and social organization used to distribute chlorine tablets and liquid water purifier, but when such tablets are finished, we don’t have idea what to do. Now, with this Tulip syphon filter, we are able to have safe drinking water for many years”.


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