NEPAK Partner Dialogue: WASH and Finance Workshop

NEPAK Partner Dialogue: WASH and Finance Workshop was conducted by action medeor in association in Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA) from October 28 – November 2, 2017. The workshop aimed to provide a sharing and learning platform for Nepalese and Pakistanis partners of action medeor’s on WASH related issues as well as provide guidance on efficient financial accounting and management.

The workshop had 22 participants; Nepalese participants were present from ECCA and phect-NEPAL while Pakistanis participants were representatives from Participatory Village Development Program (PVDP).

As participants were encouraged to share WASH tools and interventions during the workshop, there was also spontaneous sharing of knowledge, experiences and challenges. Through different exercises, participants explored approaches and WASH interventions that could be applicable in their own areas.


Ms. Kathiran WIlkins, Head of Asia Team from action medeor with the participants

“With our project areas being a desert region and so different from Nepal, the workshop was a great opportunity to learn from Nepalese scenarios”, shared Zahid Ali, from PVDP.


From left- Yogendra Chitrakar (ECCA), Zahid Ali (PVDP), Shamim Ara (PVDP)

“Also, I have learnt that the need of meaningful feedback mechanism is vital to any program”, added Yogendra Chitrakar from ECCA.

WASH team also visited a project school of ENPHO and ENPHO office itself to gain more information regarding a fellow organization’s contribution to WASH.

With finance team also experiencing intensive sessions on efficient accounting, the workshop concluded with positive vibes blooming within the participants. The workshop was indeed an informative platform for all participating organizations and an opportunity to practice their learning into actions.


Certificate distribution from Dr. Margret Müller (left) and Ms. Lioba Oltra-Gonzales (center) from action medeor


Group photo on the final day

-Upama Tamla (Rai), ECCA

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