3Oth ECCA Day Celebration | Counselor of the Year Award 2016/17

July 22, 2017 was a day of reunion and celebration among all ECCA family members and friends. With completion of 30 years in the field of conservation and development, every celebrant rejoiced with pride and shared happiness.

Fun games and cultural dances had everyone smiling. Old counselors who were winners of the ECCA Friendly Football match held their trophy with utmost pride.

Likewise, announcement of Top 5 counselors of the year was definitely among our event highlights. Mr. Kiran Awale, Ms, Malati Khatri, Ms. Ashmita Rai, Mr. Nitin Maharjan and Mr. Sujan Rajbahak were the top 5 counselors of the year. Ms. Rai  was announced as Counselor of the Year 2016/17. (Congratulations to all!)

With a new excitement and joy, we hope to create even more positive impacts this year in the field of environmental conservation, youth empowerment and community development.

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