Solar Water Pumping Program in Rupandehi and Kapilvastu

Impacts of climate change were once a subject of prediction, now its horrors are taking over ecosystems, communities and economics. Current rainfall pattern has in fact created problems for the huge population that depends on agriculture in Nepal. In some places, heavy erratic rainfall has brought natural catastrophes resulting in disastrous flooding of agricultural fields whereas some places in Terai like Kapilvastu and Rupendehi are witnessing almost shifting rainfall that dry rice fields and crops.

With intervention of alternative technology, ECCA has introduced Solar Water Pumping Program for Irrigation in the two VDCs each in Rupandehi and Kapilvastu. The total number of direct and indirect beneficiaries is expected to be around 1465 households.

“Farmers with low land are unable to use the diesel power pump because of high cost, which force them to leave their land barren”, revealed one of the key persons.

“They would do labour work rather than agriculture as they are unsure about the income from crop production basically because of drought adaptation and irrigation issues.”

This project will make use of ground water for irrigation. It will also value add for women groups to improve livelihood and living standard with regular income from cash crops and get access to better nutrition for family health.

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