My Internship Experience in ECCA: Ashmita Rai

My time in ECCA was amazing, that I can honestly say was the best thing I have ever done and one I look to do again in my upcoming days. I’ve had amazing support from my supervisors and cannot imagine any other way that I could’ve learned so much in such little time. I feel that my internship has provided me with quality training and supervision in safe and supportive environment and within a week, I felt confident and settled in my surroundings.


Demonstrating paper recycling technique

I spent my time working with the incredible team in different programs and campaign of ECCA which were conducted inside and outside the organization. I think the ‘community outreach’ segment of internship period is what touched me the most, as I wanted to take on in order to explore this career path, and my internship experience has been integral in pushing me beyond the safe bounds of the classroom environment to learn the ‘how’ of putting theory into practice.

I spent time on WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) education in various schools of Lalitpur, Kavre and Dolakha District and it was really fantastic. I also got the opportunity to participate in trainings provided by ECCA and conduct sessions focusing on School Environment, Nature Club, and activities like wall comic, paper recycling and life skill activities at various schools outside and within the valley. There used to be a good balance between serious work and fun with those children. Those memories of community outreach programs are permanently imprinted in my heart. I have had the opportunity to grow, both as an individual, and as a social worker. The work and time there, was enriching, and it feels good to have contributed a bit to the conservation of environment. This is really inspiring for anyone wanting to work for community development.


Conducting LifeSkill activity during ECCA camp in Dolakha

The encouragement and motivation of dedicated and hardworking seniors of ECCA will always drive me to the path of life where positivity stays forever. I recommend for any intern looking to help people and gain an amazing and unforgettable experience. I want to thank ECCA for this wonderful opportunity; it was all that I hoped for and more.

  • Ashmita Rai (Ms. Rai is currently involved at ECCA as an ECCA counselor and also is one of the recipients of Top Ten Counselors Award 2016)



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