Supporting school children in Dolakha

On July 27 2016, we gathered at Wise-use House, Jwagal to prepare for one of the regular support programs of ECCA. After loading the educational support materials into the vehicles from we departed for Gairimudi and Mirge VDCs of Dolakha. There were copies, books, pencils, geometry boxes, calculators, school bags, dictionaries, sharpeners and other educational materials for 1822 students of 14 schools. Altogether, we were five counselors assigned for the distribution of these materials to the students.

When we set out, the climate was cloudy and seemed like it’s going to rain. It was a comfortable travel until we crossed Dolalghat. Landslide due to heavy rainfall was a challenging problem that emerged on our first day of travel. We had to wait for a long time with the vehicles stuck in the middle of the road. After the arrival of a bulldozer, the road was cleared and we were able to continue further. It was mid night around 12:30 when we reached Charikot, the headquater of Dolakha district. We were totally exhausted and it was a nice sleep after we took our meal.


The next day, around 10 am we headed for schools of Gairimudi VDC. Soon after we left, we had to take another vehicle for transportation of materials because one of ours couldn’t make it to our destination due to steep road.

The challenges came one after another but finally we were able to reach Bishnu Secondary School. There we distributed educational support materials to three schools as we couldn’t reach other school due to worst road condition.

After, finishing here we set out to Kaileshwori Primary School and continued the distribution program. Addition to this school, we distributed support materials to Himalaya Secondary School here and headed to Bright Future Secondary School.We had a short planning and decided to stay night at this school. Due to poor condition of roads, we decided to call out representatives of remaining schools and handed over the educational materials. The next day after closure of distribution, we headed back to Charikot and the next day Kathmandu.

  • Sujan Rajbahak, ECCA Counselor


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