First Youth Experience Exchange Program Concludes with success

As the first Nepalese team of Youth Experience Exchange Program was gathered at ECCA again, everyone held mixed feelings about the program coming to an end. The experience exchange idea, which had begun to take form in February, held a unique experience for every participant. But instead of simple goodbyes, the participants got a chance learn about FotoNovela; a unique and popular form of story-telling form among Finnish students.

“Letter writing, wall comic, presentations were all part of amusement for us”, shared one of the exchange students with a smile. “This class also meant something similar. I am glad I became a part of this exchange program.”

Similarly, a book of wall comics made by Nepalese students was also shared and provided to respective schools. The day ended with students and teachers sharing their overall learning experience over the months.

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The program is a joint effort of ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) and its partner organization Taksvärkki ry. Second Youth Experience Exchange Program will start soon.

-Upama Tamla (Rai), Media Associate, ECCA

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