Health Issue; How water filters given by ECCA are finally making an impact


Ten earthquake affected schools in remote villages of Southern Lalitpur district in Nepal were provided with more than 200 stainless steel water filters as post earthquake support back in November. These schools, after having gone through severe infrastructural damage and loss of safe drinking water accessibility, were seeking for a way to provide their students with safe drinking water facility. Some schools had to fetch water from far places and the purity could not be guaranteed. The threat to health of students and school community was irrefutable, thereby prompting  ECCA to provide the filters to all schools.


In a classroom of Shree Bagh  Bhairav Secondary School, Chaughare

These stainless steel body water filters are fitted with nano-silver treated ceramic candle, which can remove bacteria, turbidity and protozoa”, says Prachet Shrestha from ECCA.

Now, every classroom in each school has a water filter which assures possible level of purification even upon long storage. “Cases of water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea among the students has reduced”, reported one of the teachers from Shree Kali Devi Higher Secondary School, Malta. The water filters will prove to be even more useful with the incoming of monsoon season when drinking water have high chances of getting mixed with turbidity.

2015-12-02 13.07.42_resized.jpg

In Shree Maha KaliDevi Higher Secondary School

ECCA is continuously striving in its mission of providing safe drinking water for people living in remote Nepal. You can also help by donating for the cause through our Global Giving website. For regular updates regarding our programs and activities, visit our websiteFacebook,  Twitter, and YouTube Channel.

-Upama Tamla(Rai), Media Associate, ECCA


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