The Youth Experience Exchange- Sending Letters to an International Friend

With much excitement Nepalese students of the Youth Experience Exchange Program again gathered to meet at ECCA on 6th of April, 2016. This time the meeting was short but fun. The students received personal letters from students of exchange schools in Finland. In response, they shared similar and contradictory issues about Nepal, its culture, tradition and environment. The letters written by Finnish students themselves brought much excitement among Nepalese students.


“I am not sure what to write back yet. May be about my hobbies?” – Saraswoti


“Really? This big school for only 450 students?” – Som wonders about Finnish school size

The students also got a chance to share about their experience with Ms. Srijana Kunwar, a reporter from Capital FM, Nepal. Kunwar, who seemed interested in the exchange program, raised queries about the program as well as nature club activities. After a little shyness, students started describing what they have learned about Finland and what kind of experience they have had so far. Many said that this kind of program was new to them and they had never before conversed with an international student in such interactive way. The teachers were also very proud to see their students getting a chance to grow with fruitful experience and knowledge. They believe that this kind of cooperation will definitely develop students’ personalities as well as create connections between Nepalese and Finnish students simultaneously.

Along with them, Mr. Rabindra Khatri from ECCA also spoke about the need of such programs.

The recorded interview was successfully made on air on Capital FM’s ‘Shanti Ko Shiksya’ Program on April 12, Tuesday at 3:15 pm.

Lyydia Mäkinen, Upama Tamla (Rai)

( Youth Experience Exchange is a student oriented co-project of ECCA Nepal and Taksvärkki ry with a focus on global education promotion and cultural exchange between Nepalese and Finnish students.)

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