Changing Lives of Girl Students

Girls toilet in Shree Bagh Bhairab Higher Secondary School in Chaughare, Lalitpur has been renovated with facilities to make female students comfortable during school hours.

The school lies in one of the most remote areas of Lalitpur district and the problem of latrine facilities was existing since some years. Especially during their time of menstruation, girls seek properly water-facilitated toilets and a place for proper disposal of used pads; in the absence of which, many choose to remain absent from the school.IMG_5037.JPG

“Here, people are very shy to talk about menstruation. It is the reason why girl students tend to avoid school during such period.” – a teacher

The recent construction has, however, become a solution for this problematic situation. Unmanaged drainage system of the toilets including the disposal area are now replaced with newly constructed pipe system from toilets to the septic tank and also offers a secure place for disposal of used pads (basically, an incinerator to burn the used sanitary pads).

“This action has benefitted over 90 girl students studying in the school and female teachers as well. We are glad we approached you for help”, said the principal of the school to ECCA.

Along with this, responsibilities for regular monitoring of water facility and cleanliness of the toilets has been taken by the school’s nature club. “As conscious and active bunch of the school, we have taken this initiative to maintain the school’s sanitation level. Here, we do our duties turn by turn”, shared one of the club members.

This has generated a sense of responsibility among young students. But construction of girl friendly toilet has most importantly encouraged girl students to attend school regularly and this, in itself, is a huge achievement.


Incinerator; view from the inside

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