The Youth Experience Exchange – Telling stories

ECCA Nepal and it’s cooperative partner Taksvärkki ry‘s Youth Experience Exchange program  that focuses on global education promotion by organizing an interactive platform to bring Nepalese and Finnish students in contact with each other has started well.The students here in Nepal have introduced their schools, their nature clubs supported by ECCA and themselves personally. They are now waiting to receive personal introduction letters form Finland to get to know their experience exchange friends better.


Stories about Nepal made by nature club students



Stories about Nepal made by the nature club students

The main aim of the project is to tell stories and share experiences through distance and language borders. For this the students get to use their imagination and creativity. The Finnish students are using a method called fotonovela, which combines a photograph and writing as a story. To respond to this and tell their own stories, the nature club students made wall comics on March 10, 2016. This was an interesting and exciting way for the students to share stories they want to tell. After Mr. Yogendra Chitrakar (ECCA’s Executive Director) put a light upon necessity of the project, the exchange program sessions here took a greater form. Wall comics were made at ECCA and the making process guided by Mr. Bipin Shrestha. Besides this, ECCA has sent wall comics to Finland before some years ago when ECCA had an educational workshop at Bhaktapur.


Mr. Shrestha showing examples of Wall Comics to the students

The topics chosen by the students and the stories they made involved some quite serious and problematic issues touching Nepalese lives. Issues like discrimination, child marriage, women’s rights, poverty and many more similar topics seemed to concern the youth. Wall comics turned out to be a threshold way to address these matters and let out feelings. They also included stories that were looking for answers and the solution being community empowerment through education to unite for better future.


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 – Lyydia Mäkinen

( Mäkinen is an international volunteer at ECCA from Taksvärkki ry, Finland)

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