The Youth Experience Exchange Meeting– Making friends from the other side of the world



ECCA Nepal has started a Youth Experience Exchange program in cooperation with a Finnish partner NGO Taksvärkki ry. The project focuses on global education promotion by organizing an interactive platform to bring Nepalese and Finnish students in contact with each other.  Through this program, the students will gain familiarity with cultural similarities and differences they have besides sharing creative ideas on personal development. They have the chance to get to know young people like themselves from another side of the world and learn while sharing. The project also gives them a great chance to improve their English, be creative,strengthen their teamwork skills and most importantly be an example for global youth empowerment.

The project has started by putting the schools and the students into contact with each other via Facebook. Social media has a huge role in young people’s lives and undoubtedly a very popular way of interacting among youth. It also gives a great chance for students to be in contact without borders created by distance. The project includes four schools: Harkavehmaa School and AleksisKivi School of Finland and BalVinod Lower Secondary School and Lalit Kalyan Kendra Sower Secondary School of Nepal. The students of the Nepalese schools work through the nature clubs supported by ECCA.

On 22nd of February, nature club students of Bal Vinod and Lalit Kalyan Kendra Schools gathered at ECCA to meet and share what the Finnish students had prepared for them. Greeting from Finlands’ students were through presentations created by the students to tell about their every day life. The presentations were made about Finland, its national festivals, hobbies of the students, coffee culture, shopping mall and many more. Share differences and similarities brought an interactive environment. The participants were very interested on national Finnish festivals, for example a presentation about mopeds got everyone excited because students in Nepal also shared similar interest and knowledge about the topic.


Executive Director of ECCA Mr. Yogendra Chitrakar talks with the students during the programme (Ms. Lyydia at his right)


Students getting all excited about the moped presentation

In return to the greetings from Finland the nature club students prepared presentations about their schools and themselves. Here are some of the students and their opinion on what is the best thing about their school.

Students of LalitKalyan Kendra Lower Secondary School share what they like the most about their school:


“I like my school’s club because it helps me to show my creativity in front of all. So, I like it very much.”- Aarati, class 8, age 15

“I like my school’s flower garden because we can see different types of flowers which make our school beautiful and joyful.”- Aruna, class 7, age 14


“I like my school’s computer because we can search new things.” – Bijay, class 5, age12

“I like my school’s computer class because we get an opportunity to learn different things either traditional or scientific things. We can go there and learn practically. So, I like it very much.” – Ajay, class 7, age 14

“I like my school’s library because we can learn various things there.” -Manish, 6, age 14

Students and a teacher of BalVinodschool sharing about what is the best thing about their school.


“Children and our school’s environment. Staff is supportive and friendly and the students good and motivated.” – Sunita, teacher

“I like my school’s library because we can go there and read various books during our leisure time.” – Saraswoti, class 8, age 15 

“I like my school’s environment because my school is very clean and it influences me to read and play. Due to this all the students including me will be healthy both physically or mentally.”- Sujita, class 8, age 15 

 – Lyydia Mäkinen

(The writer is an international volunteer at ECCA from Taksvärkki ry, Finland)






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