Redeveloping Gairibisauna and Jyamdi with action medeor e. V.

The devastating earthquake of 7.6 Richter that struck Nepal on 25th April and following 6.8 Richter scale on May 12th took lives of over 9000 people causing millions of property loss. Kavrepalanchowk became one of the most affected districts with an estimated 150,000 people – half of the population of Kavre – rendered homeless and more than 30,000 households destroyed or damaged in some way. Along with this, the district also faced huge destruction in its developing education sector. Almost all the students lost their uniforms and educational materials along with their homes during the earthquake. In case of schools, destruction of school buildings with every other infrastructures offered students little facility/security and almost minimum level of effectiveness in education after they reopened a month later. Though Temporary Learning Centers were built gradually they still brought about lot of problems.  Most of the students suffered with lack of warm blankets and bedsheets at home during the cold shivering weather. Having lost their clothes in the earthquake it made them difficult to attend hour long classes in their schools. Temporary learning centers are mostly made out of bamboo and those with absence of proper flooring had students number decreasing day by day.

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So to support the students, ECCA(Environment Camps for Conservation Awareness)  with the support of action medeor provided a set of tracksuit, socks and shoes to 1077 students of Gairbisauna VDC and Jyamdi VDC on December 28, 2015. Seeing those with immediate need, ECCA also organized blanket and bedsheet distribution in ten schools. The distribution took place with the presence of Ms. Maya Shrestha(Program Officer of District Development Office of Kavre) with program officer and representative from ECCA Mr.Bipin Shrestha on Jan 11, 2016. Not only this but Temporary Learning Centers in 12 schools were also equipped with proper carpeting.


Students now feel more comfortable to attend classes in TLCs that are now carpeted well, Dev Bal Bhadreswor Primary School


Students interact during a class (Shree Brahamayani Secondary School) Cushions and carpets were provided by ECCA

Now students are more willing to attend schools than before. The school environment of Kavre has definitely made a good progress now.



Handwashing Station in Shree Brahamayani Secondary School


Water tank and pipes supported by ECCA and action medeor e.V. in Shree Tapeshwor Higher Secondary School

However, these are just some of the aspects of earthquake affected students that were focused. On a broader view, ECCA equally prioritized health of people that is closely related with issues of water, sanitation and hygiene. Handwashing stations were constructed in Tapeswor Higher Secondary School and Brahamayani Lower Secondary School of Gairbisauna. Likewise, Dev Bal Bhadreswor Primary School was also facilitated with proper toilet and water accessibility. But it wasn’t just schools. Toilets with water facility got constructed in Gairibisauna Health Post that is specially meant for patients of the health post’s birthing centre.


Toilet with proper water facility in Birthing Centre of Gairibisauna Health Post


Commodes with water pipes

So from schools to health posts, ECCA has been making efforts in a way that helps people of Gairibisauna and Jyamdi cope with post earthquake situation as well as promotes their concept of safe measures for safe health. ECCA thanks action medeor e.V. for its continuous support in helping Nepalese people improve their lives.

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