Counseling Training For Community Learning Centers

“The earthquake hasn’t come to an end yet. If it should occur unpredictably, we need to be prepared in every manner for possible losses. But along with empowerment of personal strength, building skills to effectively counsel others is equally important”, said ECCA program officer Rabindra Khatri  while facilitating a counseling training in National Resource Center for Non Formal Education, Satdobato on December 30.


Program Officer Mr.Rabindra Khatri during a session

The two days counseling training which was facilitated by ECCA in co-ordination with NRC-NFC primarily focused on teaching best counseling techniques to the participants those including psychological healing methodologies and lifeskill activities. Over 24 representatives from 4   CLCs(Community Learning Centers) of 2 districts Bhaktapur and Lalitpur were invited. From interactive art sessions to experience sharing, participants learnt creative ways to deal with victims of disasters like earthquake.


An interactive communication activity

“I feel that my capability to counsel anyone with trauma has increased. I am glad I got invited for this training”, responded one of the participants at the end of the training.

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