ECCA builds School Toilets in Rural Nepal


Ongoing Construction of Boys’ Toilet

Catastrophes never choose to be kind. One physical injury or one infrastructural damage can leave hundreds impaired. Students of Bagbhairav Secondary School, Chaughare met similar fate this year. From classrooms to toilets, the earthquake of April caused great deal of destruction depriving young students from a proper learning area as well as healthy environment.

It is one of the main reasons why ECCA has prioritized the construction of toilets in this school. Absence of toilet with proper water facilities had been posing as a serious threat to health of children. This threat is expected to be minimized with construction of proper toilets categorized suitably both for male and female students.

“Construction of boys toilet is already in its final phase. Construction of girl-friendly toilet with incinerator is also going to start soon”, said Ram Sharan Magar, an ECCA field staff. “This is going to have a very good impact in the community. Female students are going to be encouraged to attend school as girl-friendly toilets are meant to be for their support especially during menstruation.”

ECCA has already constructed girl-friendly toilets in several other schools in rural Nepal. It has helped to improve female attendance number to a great extent. To support our initiative, help us by donating through our Global Giving website.

-Upama Tamla (Rai), ECCA


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