From Letters to Light!



Dibya Ghimire during her study hours

“If it weren’t for the solar tuki, I would be struggling with oil lamps to study at night. The efficiency it bears has helped me keep up my grades at school”, says Dibya Ghimire, a grade 8 student of Shree KaliDevi Higher Secondary School, Malta. Earlier ECCA had distributed solar tukis to over 350 students of Shree KaliDevi H.S.S after the dreadful earthquake of April destroyed electrical infrastructures of the village.

Dibya, who is now staying in a temporarily built house recalls the earthquake to be ‘an completely unexpected nightmare’. “95% of the houses in my village either got destroyed completely or damaged to an extent that requires its demolition. This forced all of us to through serious consequences”, shares Dibya. “Even after one month, we were still trying to catch up with our lives that we were living before. What troubled me was the fear of not being able to attend our school anymore because the earthquake took most of the buildings. But it was a very good thing that our school got temporary classrooms built up and it opened again.”

“I have my District Level Examination coming up. So studying late at night using solar tukis has become a routine for me.” Dibya happily adds, “Solar tuki has not only helped students like me but also all of us here. Be it in the kitchen or out in the field, using solar tuki is a lot more fuel-saving and effective.” Along with solar tuki distribution, training on solar tuki maintenance was also given to local people so incase of any problem, people can get their own local technician. This has motivated people of Malta to use this efficient lighting technology.

[Lastly we thank our supporters/donors for helping us support students like Dibya. Do you want take part too? To support our initiative, help us by donating through our GlobalGiving website. ]


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