Improving lives in Dhime; story of Mr.Gorakh B. Bista


Mr. Gorakh Bahadur Bista, Dhime-1, Jajarkot

Mr. Gorakh Bahadur Bista, a 38 years old resident of Dhime-1, Damala, Jajarkot remembers how winter drought used to cause irrigation water scarcity in his village a year ago. There used to be declining food productivity rate for months. Food import was possible but lack of transportation facilities and road in the district and resulting skyrocketing prices affected people to a huge extent. Mr. Bista, who regards agriculture to be the main occupation of majority of people in Jajarkot, says that it wasn’t strange for men to leave for India or gulf countries in search of manual works as the crops lasting period was only 6 months in a year.

He along with his villagers has now found a way to extend agricultural productivity period. With the construction of plastic ponds during CAV (Climate Adaptation Village) programme implemented by ECCA  with the support of LI-BIRD last year. The programme which consists of training on home gardening as well as seed support is focused mainly to help low income people.  Mr. Bista is now successfully cultivating varieties of vegetables, fruits and other crops even in the time of drought.

“With seven family members to look after, it was always a struggle to fulfill even the basic need such as food. Adopting this method of water collection has been a huge support for my family. We collect water in the plastic pond then use it for irrigation later through pipes”, said Mr. Bista with a smile.

It is not only Mr. Bista who single-handedly benefits from this method of water preservation. One of these plastic ponds helps over 23 households at a time and one household consists of at least 3 to 12 members. There are few ponds for now in the village but it is only a matter of time that each household in Jajarkot gets advantaged through this simple yet beneficial way of prolonging agricultural productivity.


Mr. Bista (left) looks on while irrigating his field with water collected in the plastic pond

-Upama Tamla (Rai), ECCA


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