Herbal Garden Education for Students In Nepal

Today’s young generation is indulged in the glory of magnifying technological advancement, a breach between human kind and nature. When minds are constantly diverted to alluring factors of modernization, engaging this generation of youths towards conservation activities such as preserving indigenous plants and creating a greener environment isn’t an easy task. But it isn’t impossible either. With sheer motive of luring young students towards undertaking herbal knowledge, the concept of training enthusiastic members of pre-established nature clubs was a leap towards herbal conservation in Nepal. Now, ECCA has managed to provide trainings and engage students in establishing eco-friendly herbal gardens in above 40 schools all over the country.


An ECCA volunteer helps a student to plant a sapling

Herbs like Sarpagandha (Rauvolfia spilanthus), Aloe Vera, Satavari (Asparagus Racemosus), Kapoor herb (Cinnamomim Camphora) etc  are being grown and preserved by the students. But the species obviously differs according to the physical and climatic factors influencing the environment as well as chemical composition of the soil. By establishing herbal gardens, students say that they have felt closer to the nature. They have learnt the essence of medicinal value of herbs and what it takes to nourish them into healthy plants. It is also a matter detailed planning, tasks allocation and teamwork along with being a source of inspiration to fellow students.

But it is not only students who get benefitted. Everything feels productive when most of the teachers respond as “Seeing our students work together and create a healthier school environment for all inspires us as well. Even we get to learn as much as them and it encourages us to create herbal garden in our homes as well.”

However, the April earthquake caused huge devastation destroying number of herbal gardens along with the school buildings. Nature club members are in the phase of renovating herbal gardens once again. To inspire that generation of youths even more, ECCA is planning to award those with best herbal garden in upcoming days. We are grateful to all who have been supporting us in this regard and for those who want to help will be welcomed as ever.  For regular updates regarding our programs and activities, please visit our website, Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube Channel.

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