Nature Club Calls for Community Alarm

“The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”-Branden

kOn November 6, 2015 Bal Binod Nature Club of Bal Binod Secondary School, Natole conducted a door to door program regarding WATASOL as an onstage community awareness practice. The main objective of the program was to analyse the concept of people and convince them to adopt simple way of purifying water through chlorination.

“We visited 32 houses altogether in Natole and Purna Chandi where we talked to them about their current status of drinking water. We found that maximum of people were satisfied with the quality of water they receive in their day to day life,” said Som Tamang, president of the nature club. . “So it was not easy to tell them that the drinkable looking water could still contain harmful pathogenic microbes”, he added.

Along with making people aware about the water related hazards, the team also distributed WATASOLs to the houses. The program, which took place under the monitoring of Manisha Godar, Sara Byanjankar and  Shailena Sthapit from ECCA,  was productive and “a perfect community outreach methodology” as told by the club members. “We are grateful to ECCA for letting us know about these things. It is only with your guidance that we’ve attempted  to come this far,” said Tamang before the team concluded the program.



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