Education in Emergency!

Optimistically speaking, every disaster is a chance to start with a new beginning. Now that the schools in Okhaldunga had almost passed the phase of Temporary Learning Center construction, training for teachers proved to be another crucial idea for helping them revive promising educational arena for children. Thus the concept “Education in Emergency” came into life!

One of the participants engaged in creative activity

As we welcomed a handful of teachers on our first day of training, we could see faces with expectations to learn something new. Thus, through theoretical knowledge and interactive activities we aimed to help teachers see the sensitive role of school and teachers in learning environment. Earthquake had struck and there was no doubt that teachers were facing some hindrances in assuring a safe environment for their students. Lack of concentration in students towards their studies was a reason why more creative teaching methods had to be adopted. With active participation of teachers, we worked together on how to overcome challenging situations. And as much as young students were focused, avoiding the traditional way of punishing students corporally and dealing with them in a proper manner proves to be a boon for improving students.

How we're interconnected!

 Throughout the training sessions, we helped teachers realize that understanding their students was a vital part in improving learning environment for them and their response couldn’t be more overwhelming as one of the teachers said, “We have not only learned about importance of teaching methodology but also about the psychological impact it can have on the young minds of students. Thank you very much for reaching out to us and letting us know about things as important as these.”


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