It is NEVER about running away

“Training on trauma after five months of mega earthquake? This doesn’t make sense.” I thought now the psychological relief sessions weren’t necessary at all, neither for students nor for teachers.  But after attending the sessions,  I realized what I was missing from such a long time. I realized I still had proper knowledge lacking within me and I needed to learn much more. I figured out that I had no idea how to escape from my own traumatic phase. I was just ignoring it. I hadn’t found a solution to manage my heightened stresses and I could do was run away from them.

IMG_2635But the training changed me. It wasn’t about ignoring them. “Sharing your fear and talking more about it makes the situation more
familiar to you. When you get habituated enough with the situation, you’re not afraid anymore and then you can finally get rid of the trauma.” Accepting this, I shared my own quake experience and felt  greatly relieved because in the inside I was always so scared with the flashbacks that I never chose to talk about the situation I had gone through.


Aerobics class

The training has taught me not only how to manage trauma after any misshapen but also to escape from it. With our imagination power, we can create a safe space in our mind that would protect us from depression. My knowledge might not be complete but from now on, I will try to  get rid of trauma and stresses instead of ignoring them. I am prepared enough to face any of such situation.


Dileep Kumar Maharjan shares his earthquake experience

Though I am not fully confident about whether I can help students to protect them from possible traumatkic situations, I will try my best. I am thankful to ECCA Nepal and I hope that in future, it will help teachers like us even more in dealing better with students. I heartily thank Mr.Paul and Ms.Rosika for giving such wonderful sessions. The sessions have helped me learn much about importance of relaxation of body, concentration of mind, stress management and trauma. I promise that I shall use those methods in my teaching as much as I can.

-Dileep Kumar Maharjan, Teacher
Zing Secondary School, Karyabinayak, Lalitpur, Nepal


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