Empowering communities!

The increasing level of global pollution factors and prevailing ignorance in societies has put health of people in tremendous risk. Besides internal agendas such as immunity level and heredity, a particular community is as healthy as the food and water consumed by its people. Adoption of proper hygiene and sanitation behaviors doesn’t lie too far in this regard.  The growing concept of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is thus being prioritized day by day so as to fetch the attention of people towards living a healthy life.

On one hand, ECCA has been conducting public awareness programs where as on the other, it has also been grooming communities to work together for prevention of possible health hazards. Regular programs on safe drinking water, personal and menstrual hygiene, health and sanitation are conducted from time to time which can contribute towards bringing positive behavior changes in people. Not only theoretical discussions but actual trainings on water disinfection techniques such as chlorination, uses of WATASOL etc. are provided regularly by trained counselors and staffs.

This is how WATASOL works!
Letting them know how WATASOL works!

The latest training was conducted in Tanke VDC, Kavre in coordination with iDE (International Development Enterprises) on September 9, 2015. With the help of devices provided by ECCA and Antenna Technologies, local members of Community Water User Group(CWUG)  were taught about chlorinator, Coliform tests, FRC (Free Residual Chlorine) tests and chlorine quality control. Interaction on food hygiene and hand washing techniques were highly appreciated. “In our village we have the habit of drinking water directly without any purification measures. But after we attained a positive Coliform test today, we realized we had been drinking impure water all along” said BaidhyaNath Sapkota,  treasurer of CWUG .

Rita Sigdel learning to use a measuring cylinder
Ms.Rita Sigdel learning to use a measuring cylinder
Coliform test inspected later in the lab
Coliform test inspected later in the lab

“But that is not going to happen any longer. Now that we have been introduced to water purification technology i.e. chlorinator, we are going to drink chlorinated water from now on. What is even more wonderful is that we can produce chlorine by ourselves. We are really thankful to  ECCA and iDE for introducing this new technology to us.” added Rita Sigdel, one of the participants. The overall programme proved to be very fruitful and even the energy of the participants was a motivating factor for the organizers.

Representative of iDE (left) handing over WATASOLs to the president of CWUG
Representative of iDE (left) handing over WATASOLs to the president of CWUG

A group photo at the end!

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