Once again: WASH & Life Skill Program!

On 27th August 2015, our team consisting of 5 ECCA volunteers headed to Shree Saraswoti Lower Secondary School at Lele VDC, Shikharpa, for a two-days WASH and Life Skill Program as part of ECCA’s Children Rehabilitation Campaign. The aim of the training was first to educate students on the need to use safe drinking water and various water disinfection methods in order to prevent the occurrence of water borne diseases. Second, the Life Skill training sessions aimed to encourage and facilitate students who cope with traumatizing experiences after the earthquake to attend school.


On the first day of our program, our ECCA team gathered all the materials required for our sessions and headed to Shree Saraawoti School at Lele VDC, Shikharpa. During the journey we were both exited as well as nervous. On reaching the school, we had a small meeting with the principal regarding our training schedule. We had to make some adjustments on our schedule with respect to the school’s schedule. Our sessions for the first day included games, creative activities, psychological activities and WASH activities. As the day went by we found the teachers and the students really co-operative and easy to work with, so first nervousness went away soon.

On the second and final day of our program, being already familiar with the school environment, the students and the teachers, we continued the program. After completing our sessions we held a small exhibition for the parents displaying the works of their child during the three day program. We interviewed some parents and they were really happy to see their children enjoying creative activities. We also handed different school materials provided by ECCA over to the school vice principal.

During our program we got to learn a lot from the teachers and the students. We were happy to see the students enjoying our sessions. Not only the students but also our team had fun conducting the sessions.

Written by Sanjogta Thapa Magar

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