“I wish it was only a Nightmare”

“April 25, 2015, I can’t define this day. A day my country was hit by a massive earthquake. Many people lost their homes, their lives, the country was ruined and I was shattered. Yes, I lost my world, I lost my parents”, said Thakur Prasad Dhakal in a very low pitch.lehrer sindhu

Life is not going to be the same for Mr. Dhakal, a school teacher in Saraswati H.S.S, Ramche-06. When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake stroke, Dhakal rushed to his home from Barabise bazzar to find his 8-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter with their mom. Thankfully, they were safe. Then he searched for his mother who was hit by the rubble on her way to home. With the help of neighbors and friends, he managed to recover her. It was a relief for him to see that she had only a minor injury on her leg. But this relief was only for short until she asked for water and passed away by drinking it. Only moments later, his phone rang and he received the message of the death of his father.

No life in immortal and no one can skip it, but grieving your parents in middle age is far more devastating than the quake. Immediately after the loss of your parents, no matter how grown up, matured and wise you are, you will always feel alone. Now, every evening he walks to his demolished shelter to shed tears over his loss. After all, it’s a human’s heart that is wounded and a son’s life left desolate.

“Sindhupalchok is the place where you can find lots of children hat have lost their parents and seen many dead people. That is why I am here, in this teacher’s training on Education in Emergency. Through this training, I wish I could bring back my students’ smile. I can bring some hope in people like me”, said Mr. Dhakal. Every morning when I wake up, I look around and “I wish it was only a Nightmare”, he adds.

This story was collected by Sadiksha Chaudary, ECCA-Volunteer, during the teacher’s training on Education in Emergency in Sindhupalchowk in August 2015.

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