Teacher’s training in Sindhupalchowk

Sindhupalchowk is the most affected area by April’s earthquake. There’s nearly no house that hasn’t at least some cracks – if it’s still standing at all. Also apart from physical destruction, the earthquake’s implications are still omnipresent: A lot of people lost their loved ones or got physically or psychologically traumatized. In order to contribute to recovery, ECCA provided a two-days teacher’s training on Education in Emergency at Shree Krishna Ratna Ganga Higher Secondary School from 4.-6. August.DSCN0576

As if it had needed a reminder of what the day would be about, the first day of the training started with another aftershock in the early morning. The training schedule featured education on emergency skills related to WASH (water, sanitation, hygene) and behaviour in case of an earthquake. The other main focus was providing the teachers with a variety of games and exercises for children, linked to environmental awareness and earthquake experiences. Crucial for finding ways to deal with what had happened, is the sharing of personal experiences in the moment of disaster. People were in their houses, on the field or on public transport – then, suddenly, their lives changed fundamentally. Apart from physical recovery, ECCA is happy to distribute methods that can contribute to psychological recovery as well.

After only two days of training, Sindhupalchowk has now twelve more teachers who are well educated to fulfill the needs of their pupils and communities in an emergency situation!DSCN0659DSCN0626IMG_0324

The support from Medico International for students and teachers in this crucial time is very appreciable. We would to thank Medico International for the generous support that they provided in the education sector for children in the time of disaster.

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