Tents’ as a Temporary Shelter

“Home is where you feel the safety and having a roof above your head is the key to creating a beautiful family.” What if you worked hard all your life for it and then everything gets buried in a blink of an eye?

While the earthquake of 25th April, 2015 took lives of thousands, it has left another millions homeless. They nomore have a safe place to call their home. All the earnings of their life that they chose to spend on building a house of their own now lie just as painful reminiscences of the disaster. Many held onto their houses as  a source of economy and there’s no saying on how hard the quake hit livelihood of countless Nepalese people.

With the family members of Mr. Maharjan.

With the family members of Mr. Maharjan.

One of such victims is Mr. Kaji Ram Maharjan, a resident of Debdhunga, Kirtipur. Though he didn’t witness any loss of lives in his family, his house was severely damaged during the earthquake. “According to structural experts inspection, it’s unfit to live in. Now that means there’s no significance in having a house. Perhaps the only solution is to demolish it”, said Maharjan with a sad voice. With seven family members to look after including his old parents and his children, he was deeply worried about building a shelter until ECCA (Environment Camps for Conservation Awareness) came forward to help him and other families of Kirtipur who held similar stories of grief.

Many families were relieved as ECCA provided them with tents as temporary shelters. One could see their faces lit up as they set up the tents in unison. ECCA distributed sixteen tents to different victimized families of Kirtipur on June 14, June 28 and June 30.

EQ affected families in Kirtipur.

EQ affected families in Kirtipur.

According to Maharjan, the tents have proved to be a huge relief for all the families. “We’re now living in the tent except during heavy rains. But we do feel more secure than before and we thank ECCA for its generous contribution”, said he. “It will take a great deal of time to rebuild our houses. Till then we will have to rely on these tents and call it home.”, he added with a smile.

We would like to thank American Conservation Experience (ACE) for supporting us with the tents so that we could distribute to the needy families who are affected by Earthquake. Some glimpses of the Tent distribution in various locations could be viewed in our facebook Album of Tent Distribution.

By: Upama Tamla (ECCA Volunteer)


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