Earthquake Relief, Recovery and Rehabilitation Works

ECCA constructed Temporary Learning Centers at Sindhupalchowk

ECCA constructed Temporary Learning Centers as substitutes for damaged classrooms at Sindhupalchowk

Immediately after the earthquake of April 25, ECCA mobilized its resources, linkages, staffs, counsellors and volunteers in the relief works by targeting various earthquake affected areas. ECCA responded in its own project areas as well as partnered with many other like minded organizations and individuals, in providing the relief materials in many localities. The contributions received (financial as well as material) from international well wishers were overwhelming. The volunteering done by many of the past and present ECCA counsellors, volunteers and well wishers were noteworthy. It is very much appreciated that all made contributions in their own ways. In the process, the network of ECCA has enlarged and has become stronger. Everybody feels proud to be part of ECCA. Many thanks to all.

ECCA continues to move ahead with the recovery and rehabilitation works.

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