Life Skills Camp: Children Rehabilitation Campaign training at Rato Bangala School

On 25th May 2015, a team of 21 youth volunteers from ECCA headed towards Rato Bangala School (RBS), Patan Dhoka to participate in a day long Teacher Training Program “Relief Through Education”. The training was organized by Rato Bangala Foundation in coordination with Karkhana with an objective to help enhance the capacity of teachers / volunteers towards facilitating the sessions in schools and create a learning and sharing environment so that the students could cope with the changes being brought by the earthquake.

Group Photo

A Group Snap after the training Program (Gr 1)

Group Phot

A Group Snap after the training (Gr 2)

All the Youth volunteers / counselors from ECCA actively participated in all the activities of the training program. The caring and sharing environment during the training session facilitated by the resource persons, motivated all the participants to mitigate query in the sessions.

As the youths participating in this training program were also preparing towards organizing “Life Skill Camp: Children Rehabilitation Campaign” in various ECCA project schools, the training program were highly effective and beneficial to all the participants. The interactive activities, group works and games played during the session helped our volunteers on how to effectively share the message and facilitate the group activities during facilitating sessions in schools for students.

Participants being briefed about Morning Meetings

Facilitating sessions by trainers

Rebuilding the heritages

Group Activities – Rebuilding the heritages

In order to release the earthquake trauma from the mind of students, the activities like drawing, coloring were discussed in the training so that the students could express their feelings and emotions related with earthquake and the analyze their views and sufferings. Games that conveyed the importance of team work, cooperation and creativity were also shared among the participants so that they could organize similar activities and games for the students during their facilitation of session in schools. Throughout the day, the teachers from Rato Bangala School (RBS) shared their experiences on how to deal with students of all age groups. The teachers form RBS stressed on the importance in encouraging and applauding the students after every activity to boost their morale. Sharing experiences and lessons learnt after every activity were also stressed upon. Earthquake drill was also held for all the participants as a precaution measure to be taught to the students.

Group work

Discussion in Group as an activity

The 4 days Life Skill Camp being organized by ECCA also aimed towards encouraging and facilitating students to attend the schools after the devastating earthquake. After the completion of this camp in all the schools, we hope to view the regular operation of day to day activities in schools.

ECCA would like to thank the Rato Bangala Foundation and Karkhana for facilitating our youth counselors / volunteers who are coordinating to organize Life Skill Camp in various schools in Lalitpur, Kavre, Dokha & Sindhupalchok District.

We would like to request for your support in our initiation and intensify our rehabilitation activities through sharing our work in your social networking sites. Please help us spreading our work in your network through visiting our Facebook page and Twitter and intensify our relief activities. We are also receiving financial donations through our online project Support Nepal Earthquake Relief from Global Giving.

Thank you for your time and support.

Angel Chitrakar & Palistha Shrestha

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