EQ Relief: Filter Distribution

There is no disagreement that Water could be a simplest and easiest medium to get infected or transmission of various viral diseases in the current situation of natural disaster. Hence, use of safe water for various purposes in our day to day life needs to be carefully monitored and precautions need to be taken. Scarcity of water at various locations is seen due to disturbance in water distribution system. Hence, distribution of water various POU Water treatment option like water filter and WATASOL (chlorine solution) has been intensified from ECCA.

Locally Assembled ECCA Filter.

Locally Assembled ECCA Filter.

Till today, in coordination and financial support from various organizations like Nepalese Disaster Relief Association (NDRA) Dallas, Himalayan Crossroads, Nepal Child Club Network and local youth groups, 100 sets of water filters were distributed in various locations of Lalitpur, Kavre, Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchok & Nuwakot.

An orphanage located in Jharuwarashi, Lalitpur, sheltering 62 children were provided 10 sets of filter along with 10 pc of water jar for storing and carrying water. Due to the earthquake, the water storage tank got tampered and water well dried, threatening continuous supply of water of the daily use of children. Through the use of filtered water for drinking purpose, the children are now ensured to have safe water as well as far reach of water borne diseases.

Filters provided to EQ affected families of Nuwakot.

Filters provided to EQ affected families of Nuwakot.

Similarly, 10 sets of filter were distributed to the residents of Nuwakot where families were forced to live in communal shelters due to damage in their houses. In coordination with NCCN, 3 filters were distributed in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur, where 65 people were sheltered in tent. “The health condition of people in the tents were not good and they have no access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation. Most of the children started to with getting illness day by day”, Ms. Roni Shakya, one of the volunteers of ECCA and member of NCCN briefed the condition of communal shelter in Bhaktapur. “Distribution of these filters have ensured the availability of safe drinking water to the families living outside in tents”, she further added as she took incharge for the distribution of filter in Bhaktapur. Safe water for drinking purpose in these communal areas became a big challenge which was tackled through installing the filter in the community.

Children using the ECCA WATER FILTER

Children using the ECCA WATER FILTER

In coordination with Himalayan Crossroads, 30 sets of filters were distributed for the EQ affected families in Chokati village of Sindhupalchok District and 40 sets of filters were installed in the community shelter at Kathmandu, where families displaced from Sindhupalchok were rehabilitated.

The water filter that ECCA has been assembling are prepared through using treatment of silver colloidal solution which ensures the purity of water upto 99.99%.

A small child drinking water from the FILTER

A small child drinking water from the FILTER

To increase support for our initiation and intensify the relief activities, we would like to request you to share our project placed in Global Giving website for online fundraising Earthquake Relief: Providing Safe  Drinking Water. Please help us spread the word around your network through Facebook and Twitter and intensify our relief activities

By: Angel Chitrakar, Priyanka Ghale & Palistha Shrestha


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