Starting from 6th May till late evening of 7th May, series of Mobile Health Camp were organized at various places of Sindhupalchowk District. A team of 3 doctors and 5 volunteers were actively mobilized to organize the health camp. Covering mainly two villages, Kiul VDC and Palamarang VDC, the health camp was successful to provide health services for a total of 232 villagers in the village.

The villagers register their names

Villagers registering their names

The first Health Camp set up at the Norboling Manichaur Lower Secondary School, Kharka at Kiul VDC reported lots of cases related with diarrhea, acute respiratory infections along with fractures and injuries due to fallen debris of houses. The second camp set-up at Palamarang VDC also reported similar types of patients. All the patients who came for their health checkup were distributed their prescribed medicines for free of cost.

Health Camp at Kiul V.D.C.

Health Camp at Kiul V.D.C.

 “It was quite difficult in the past 10 days. We had many sleepless nights that caused us severe headaches for which we had no medicines” said Prem Bahadur with a grimace.

We found that the villages lacked medicines even for simple diseases like common cold, stomach ache and fever.  Some villagers, including children had been severely suffering from fever for more than 4 days without any types of medications.

“My leg is in constant pain since I fell during the earthquake but due to lack of health facility in village and nearby areas there was nothing I could do except wait for others’ assistance”, Lun Bahadur Tamang said as sat down next to the examination table. He was supported by the doctors to clean his wound and properly medicate through bandaging the wound.

Cleaning Wounds

Doctors helping patience Cleaning Wounds

The villagers were relieved to receive their medications and expressed their gratitude to the doctors and nurses in the Health Camp.

We would like to thank the team of Doctors – Dr. Shradha Chitrakar, Dr. Shristee Shrestha, Dr. Dinuja Khadka, Dr. Aayushma Shah, Dr. Shuva Shrestha, along with Sister Ann Malla and Sister Shila Gurung. We would also like to acknowledge the tireless effort of our Ex Com Member Mr. Ashta Prajapati and volunteers Suresh, Mukesh and Ashish.

Health Camp at Palamarang V.D.C.

Health Camp at Palamarang V.D.C.

To increase support for our initiation and intensify the relief activities, we have also initiated a project in the website of Global Giving, an online fundraising platform. People all over the world with internet access can visit the project page Support Nepal Earthquake Relief and donate.

Please help us spread the word around your network and intensify the relief activities.

To know more about our relief activities, please visit our Facebook page.

ECCA can also be reached in Twitter @eccanepal.

Team of Doctors & Sisters

Team of Doctors & Sisters

Examining Patient

Examining Patient


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