ECCA in cooperation with Swiss Humanitarian Aid, assessed the different villages of Lalitpur and Kavre on May 3rd. Self Help kits were distributed that contained helmets, wheelbarrows, shovels, ropes and other tools essential to dismantle and

Self Help Kits were distributed in cooperation with Swiss Humanitarian Aid

Self Help Kits were distributed at Khwokana, Bungmati and Dalchowki areas

manage the damaged houses in Khwokana, Bungmati and Dalchowki (southern Lalitpur) as per the results of the need assessment of communities conducted on 3rd and 4th  of May 2015. Further assessments were conducted in Lamidanda, Keraghari and villages of Panchkhal following the distribution on May 3rd. The assessment concluded that there is a high need for such tools to restart the reconstruction of the houses damaged by the earthquake.

On May 4, 2015, 46 standard WATAS arrived from Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). With their arrival, the production rate has increased to 600+ liters of chlorine per day.  2436 bottles of 60ml of WATASOL were provided to the Swiss Embassy for distribution.

Arrival of new Standard WATAs

Arrival of new Standard WATAs

NRCS (Nepal Red Cross Society) Youth Circle, Thaiba distributed in the Damaitar area while Nyayik Sansar distributed in the areas of Ranimana, Kalimati, Ramechap and Madhbasi.

D.M. Foundation distributed WATASOL around Bhaktapur and Trisuli.

Altogether 218+ liters of chlorine were distributed on May 4th. 40 waste disposal bags were also distributed along with WATASOL.

To test the quality of the water available to the communities, we have started to distribute Coliforms as well. These will help ascertain the need for safe drinking water in the communities.

To increase support for our initiation and intensify the relief activites, we have also initiated a project in the website of Global Giving, an online fundraising platform. People all over the world with internet access can visit the project page and donate fund for the initiation. The project page could be visiting the following link : Support Nepal Earthquake Relief.

Please help us spread the word around your network through sharing our facebook page and intensify the relief activities.


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