WATASOL production continued in the weekend of May 2, 2015 as well. We were able to provide 489 bottles of 60ml and 29 bottles of 1 liter bottles accounting to 58 liters today. WATASOL reached Shankhadevi in Luboo, Shakhu, Dharmasthali, Sindhupalchowk, Teaching Hospital Health camp in Dhading, Jharasi, Kwarki, Bhimdhunga, Bhaktapur, Nakhipot, Kadagari, Matatirtha, Baneshwor and Teku.

WATASOL is tested for quality before distribution and can last up to 6 months when stabilized.

Wata Test kit

WATASOL Quality Test kit

Volunteers from RCHP (Rotaract Club of Himalaya Patan) have continued to lend their support to our cause.

ECCA has initiated #FillTheDrum program which contains daily necessities needed for a family of 5.

A single drum contains:

900+ WATASOL bottles ready for distribution

900+ WATASOL bottles ready for distribution

  • A First Aid Kit
  • Soaps
  • Toilet Paper
  • Tooth paste and 5 toothbrushes
  • Mat
  • 5 Face masks
  • Energy Bars/Chocolates
  • Needle and thread
  • Gloves
  • Towel
  • Match Stick
  • Torch Light
  • Daal/ Lentals
  • 2-3 kg of Rice
  • 1 Bucket
  • 1 Mug
  • Chiura/ Beaten Rice
  • Sanitary Pad
  • Oral Rehydration Salt/ Jeevan Jal

To increase support for our initiation and intensify the relief activites, we have also initiated a project in the website of Global Giving, an online fundraising platform. People all over the world with internet access can visit the project page and donate fund for the initiation. The project page could be visiting the following link : Support Nepal Earthquake Relief

Please help us spreading the word around your network and intensify the relief activities


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