Earthquake Disaster Relief Response – Providing Water Treatment Option

Following the devastating earthquake, we feared the big issue on widespread of epidemics arises almost instantly. Over 8 million people have been directly affected by the earthquake that took place on April 25, 2015 in Nepal. The rapid development of the cities around the country has left the citizens with very few options for open areas. Resulting, people to be forced reside in tents and camps in am open spaces scattered around the affected areas. And all these areas are heavily congested.

Staying in Camp due to fear of Earthquake.

Staying in Camp due to fear of aftershocks of Earthquake

Water, food and electricity are in short supply. With the rapid decline in the living conditions, there are no proper sanitation facilities in the affected areas. There is a high probability of using contaminated water which increases health and hygiene issues. The lack of proper health facilities and medicines further stress upon the need to prevent epidemics in the affected areas.

People in refugee camps queued up to fetch a bucket of water.

People in refugee camps queued up to fetch a bucket of water.

In the aftermath of an earthquake, water borne diseases are one of the most easily transmitted ones. Keeping this in mind, ECCA has started production of chlorine solution at its Head Office in Jwagol. The active volunteers along with members of Rotaract Club of Himalay Patan (RCHP) supported on bottling the chlorine solution along with its distribution across the affected areas since the early morning of April 28. Without fearing the downpour of water in day time, the energetic youth volunteers of ECCA and RCHP members, actively supplied WATASOL (chlorine solution) in communal shelters and camps located at various locations of Kathmandu valley. Few volunteers actively participated in distributing WATASOL around Tudhikel cleanup campaign, where as members of RCHP rushed towards various locations of Lubhu, Thaiba, Harrishiddhi and Badegaun to distribute WATASOL.

Volunteers busy packaging WATASOL (chlorine solution) in small and big bottle for distribution.

Volunteers busy packaging WATASOL (chlorine solution) in small and big bottle for distribution at ECCA Office.

In coordination with the volunteers and relief team of Teach For Nepal (TFN), we have already supplied WATASOL to the affected communities in Sindhupalchowk.

To increase support for our initiation and intensify the relief activites, we have also initiated a project in the website of Global Giving, an online fundraising platform. People all over the world with internet access can visit the project page and donate fund for the initiation. The project page could be visiting the following link : Earthquake Relief: Providing Safe  Drinking Water 

Please help us spreading the word around your network and intensify the relief activities.

By: Palistha Shrestha (ECCA-Volunteer)


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