Plantation for Preservation – One School One Heritage Campaign

Preparing for plantation at Sauga Hiti, Lalitpur.

Preparing for plantation at Sauga Hiti, Lalitpur.

ECCA has successfully completed the plantation program on December 5, 2014 with the participation of 70 pupils to mark Int’l Volunteer Day and World Soil Day. It is the program led by ECCA TGG members under One School One Heritage Campaign. It was held at two heritage sites; Purnachandi Temple and Sauga: Hiti of Patan.

Preparing for Plantation @ Purna Chandi Temple Premises.

Preparing for Plantation @ Purnachandi Temple Premises.

The students from 4 different schools namely, Balbinod Secondary School, Tri- Padma Higher Secondary School, Prabhat Higher Secondary School and Yashodhara Bouddha Secondary School had joined hands with TGG members, staff of ECCA and members from Tole Sudhar Samitee of respective heritage sites to make the event successful.

The two hour program was completed with lots of activities going on like clean up, loosening up soil, adding fertilizers, planting the saplings and watering them. All the participants gave a very good feedback on this program. All the community members were very happy with the efforts the youth and children have contributed towards the conservation of their local heritage sites. So, they also co-operated and even provided us with extra tools and water for plantation.

So, in a nutshell, the plantation program was successfully able to place 20 new plant pots at Purnachandi Temple while 108 new plant saplings in the old pots at Sauga: Hiti, which has improved the look of these heritage sites. For the sustainability of the impact, the pots were handed over to the community itself for further care of the plants.

Few glimpses of our activities in our Facebook Album.

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